Money Mastery Immersion


Women often feel greedy, crazy, and selfish for wanting money.

Women often shrink, hide, play small and push money away. They often cap, doubt, sabotage, betray and distrust themselves around their profit, income, wealth and fortune potential.

Women often feel locked into financial limitations and restriction, and that they have to prove they are worthy and deserving enough.

I’ve seen this over and over again at many different levels of “money success”. Women have put a cap on their level of wealth creation & receiving.

It’s time for us women to change our relationship with money so that we can create and receive the wealth that is meant for us…

so that money becomes a supportive and loving resource…

so we use it to elevate our lives and the world.



Now is the time for Purposeful and Powerful women, like you to Set The Old Rules On Fire…

by taking a stand for the truth that unlimited Wealth comes from WITHIN and not from a marketing plan.

I’ll show you how to meet your money needs and desires abundantly…

No matter what is going on outside in your experience, and without needing to know the latest marketing strategies or sales tactics to do so.

It’s time for a complete alchemical up level around all things money…

 receiving more, tapping into your divine wealth design…

becoming an open conduit for money NOW…

 and clearing out stagnation, resistance and old money patterns that no longer serve you.


You are so exquisitely powerful, that you have the ability to create all the Wealth that your Mission, Vision, and Purpose both in business and life require. NOW.

You’ve been looking outside of yourself…

trying to figure out why you haven’t been hitting your income goals, and why you haven’t expanded to the next level yet…


Do you need more training or another certificate?
Maybe you should redo your branding?
Maybe you should re-work your messaging because it isn’t good enough?
Maybe a better website would work?
That must be it?!
Confusion, Doubt, and Frustration keep running through your mind…


There will always be something else, something for you to refine in your Business.
There will always be something else you can tweak, thinking that this is the reason that the wealth and money aren’t pouring in.


Wealth Creation and Money Mastery isn’t MYSTERIOUS, PERSONAL, OR MEANT FOR JUST A FEW…

When you apply the Success Principles in the right way. You create the RESULTS!

When you understand the principles behind wealth and money, no matter where you came from or what obstacles you face…


You can create wealth in all areas.

This is what I desire to share with you.

So you can have all the wealth and money you require to create the Sacred + Soulful Business and Legacy of your Visions, so you can finally be FREE.

When you are turned on and tapped into the power that lives inside you RIGHT NOW — it doesn’t matter what your business, marketing, pricing, copy, or branding looks like…IT ALL WORKS.

And when you are disconnected from you POWER and giving it away, it doesn’t matter how perfect all of it is.

You will struggle, push, strive, hustle and TRY to make things happen.

Just to feel EXHAUSTED, DISILLUSIONED, and DISAPPOINTED over and over again!

Aren’t you craving to tap into the POWER that lives within you RIGHT NOW? 


*To Dissolve your blocks, and beliefs around money once and for all?

*To tap into the NEXT LEVEL wealth that is available to you RIGHT NOW?

*To Awaken to your Power of Wealth Creation?

*To learn how to offer and sell from a space that is unique to you?

And finally realize your power to generate cash on demand from an idea or desire, whenever you want?

All of this so you are totally supported to FULLY play your part in ELEVATING HUMANITY and this world.

Claiming your space that is only meant for you, so your Greatness flows forth to change things for the better.

Because the TRUTH is we NEED YOU!



Wealth isn’t what we’ve been taught, and it isn’t located where we’ve been told.

When you believe things out there are the source and nature of your wealth, you become a victim of circumstance, giving your power to things and experiences outside of you, and a prisoner of conditions.

When you know the real source of wealth and how to access it within you RIGHT NOW…

you have all you require to meet your desires and needs. You are then abundantly supported to actualize all those visions, dreams and your BIG HOLY SHIT Business Purpose.

This isn’t about becoming a ‘Broke Millionaire’ or a ‘Broke Billionaire’, where you don’t have any time to enjoy the people, experiences and things in your life – because you are so busy acquiring symbols of wealth, or you are full of fear because you know deep down that at any moment it could all go away, or you are aren’t aligned with your pleasure in the pursuit of symbols.

There are proven principles for creating a business and life rich with opportunity…

 a life filled with everything you require to be all you are meant to BE, in a way that generates an abundance of time, energy, and heart-opening connection.

There is a SOULFUL way to create money and wealth.

That’s exactly why Sistermind created…


* Do you feel like there is never enough money for you?

* Do you fear intense fear that money is going to run out?

* Do you feel anxiety around spending money?

* Do you feel overwhelmed by debt?

* Is money the reason why you say “No” to yourself and to your desires?

* Do you feel guilt and shame around wanting more money?

* Do you feel that you can’t get past a certain amount of money either in receiving or in debt?

* Do you find yourself creating a roller coaster ride with money? The feast and famine cycle?


And all of this was intense and painful for me

I remember deciding that I was going to learn the mechanisms to receive and create the money that I required and desired to live my life fully in always that lite me the fuck up, so that I could bust free from the limitations and restrictions I felt and experienced because of money.

I remember making the devotion that if I uncovered the golden keys to making money easy, joyful, supportive and a loving experience that I would share this other women that also have been stuck in limitation and restriction around money. Thinking that they have to prove, struggle, hustle, and never feel good enough to receive their dreams because they just can’t make the money.

I was tired of seeing amazing, exceptional, visionary women restricted and limited. And I felt within me that if us women learnt how to receive massive amounts of wealth that we would use it to better our lives and the world.

After making this decision I went from creating and receiving $12,ooo a year, an amount and number I seemed to be stuck at. To opening myself up to my true state of infinite abundance and supply of money.

That journey took me from $12,000 to $750K in 18 months, to a multi-millionaire dollar business. And now I have co-created and co-run several businesses across many markets and in different sectors.

Sistermind is me keeping that devotion to myself and to you…creating a container where women like you can come and discover the process of opening up to their true value, worth, and power of creation.

Because at the end of the day, darling it’s NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY.

It’s about the












Not only did I change the role that money played in my life and create new patterns of feelings, thoughts, beliefs and experiences with money, I began to understand the true purpose of money.

I discovered that the true purpose of money is to express and receive appreciation, the amount of money is just the value that we put on an experience, a creation, and a thing.

I taught myself the process of draining power from limiting patterns around money, and shifting into my true state of infinite abundance and infinite supply of money to create and receive my dreams + desires more and more quickly.

I continued to deepen into the truth of who I am, what I get to create, and how Fucking powerful I am in my ability to create anything and everything that I desire for the seem pleasure of creating and playing with it.

I continued to expand more and more into the energy state of infinite abundance, wealth and overflow.



The way I response, relate, play, receive and create money continues to expand.

Because I know the truth of where money really comes from.


I am the source, and so are you.

What I’m here to share, teach and open you up to will revolutionize your life.

You can change your relationship with money…

you can decide to be as wealthy as you can “tolerate”, you can rearrange your energy, and you can drain the old money patterns that you currently have of your power, and create new patterns for how money works for you. PERIOD.

If my darling, you are worried, stressed, frantic, fearful about money, or you are just ready to breakthrough to your NEXT LEVEL of abundance…

It’s time to claim your power…

AND understand the energy + frequency of money

you must know how to claim this inner power and make withdrawals. 

When you are aligned with your highest vision, connected to your being-ness, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically…

You have claimed you full space in the world, with no apologies. 

The way you walk, talk and interact with others, comes from your alignment of spirit, heart, and mind. Mindful of the inner power that you wield for outer creation.


And MONEY then gets to be EASY.

It’s time for you to upgrade your frequency, drain your power from patterns that have kept you locked into financial limitation…AND leave your money struggles behind


That you are meant to be the Conduit for MASSIVE  WEALTH, and to direct it through SOUL & HEART GUIDANCE to PROFOUNDLY IMPACT this world.

You know in your soul that there’s work you’re meant to be doing that has real purpose, creates positive impact in the world and energizes you and, of course, money and freedom should be easy and automatic but…it still hasn’t clicked yet!

And it’s about time that you LIVE THIS TRUTH FULLY?


If you desire to…

* Ditch the fucking money struggle

* Radically shift your relationship with money form the one that have kept you locked into financial limitation

* Increase your access to your money making & receiving potential

* Open more and more into daily receptivity with money

* Expand into your NEXT LEVEL of money receiving

* To ditch the feeling that there is never enough money for what you desire

* To dissolve shame and guilt around wanting more

* To stop hustling, sacrificing, and doing things that don’t align because you’ve been told it will make you money

* Drop the guilt around money and step into the truth that when you have more it is of high service to the world

* Allow money to come naturally and easily just for you being you


* Understand the energy, frequency + source of Money

* Tap into the FLOW (follow love over worry) of Money + Wealth

* Lean into the energy of receptivity. Expand into your ability to lean back and receive

* Embody your Next Level You NOW. Discover the art of remembering the future to access the certainty, clarity + confidence


then you can’t allow yourself to miss this

One of my fav things is teaching women about money + wealth

During Money Mastery Immersion: Energy + Frequency I will be teaching, guiding and sharing Money Alchemy techniques, principles and activations that go way beyond Mindset work.

It’s a powerful 9 video intensive where we’re going to personally walk you through exactly how to:

Dissolve all your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and blocks around money and set those old rules on fire.

Awaken you to the success principles and how to unlock your next level of wealth + money.

Create Space in your life to receive wealth and abundance, ideas, opportunities, resources, and cash, now!

Uncover who you truly are, access your power, and reclaim the power you have given away.

 Drop and release your boring small goals and go for the ‘BIG Holy Shit’ vision that your soul craves.

Generate everything you require to support your work in the world.

Being able to earn what you deserve, and make more in a month than you’ve made in a year.

Have no more fear, judgment, or resistance around creating the wealth you desire joyful.

Not just making a living doing what you love, but living a life that aligns and reflects your core values, deepest desires, and highest potential.

This work is the accumulation of over 20 years experience, testing, practicing & implementing of these techniques, principles and practices as an entrepreneur, across several different markets and several of my own businesses  – everything is both spiritual & practical.

I’ve discovered, unlocked and awakened to what MONEY truly is and HOW you create and receive massive paydays with flow, freedom and fucking fun.

Does this resonate with you?




What you get instant access to…

* 9 trainings videos

* I will be sharing, guiding and walking you through the success principles to breakthrough your beliefs and narratives that have kept you dis-empowered.

* We will dive deep into how to Charge What You’re Worth, and give you the framework to create the business and life design that supports your unique expression and vision.

* During the activation videos, you will learn to shift and dissolve the beliefs and blocks you have been operating under that have kept you stuck or plateaued at your current level.

* Along with integrating your wealth shadows, and activating your highest version of money and wealth creation.

* You receive over 11 hours of training videos and 5 deep diving playbooks for you to rewrite your money story, and discover your access point to your Sacred Wealth Creation.

* Audio activations & meditations

* Content for life

* 5 playbooks to support and enhance your experience with each module.

* I have added journal prompts and homeplay to each of the trainings to support you integrate these principles and energy into your life as you journey with me through this content.

* BONUS: My personal 52 journal prompts I have used and my clients use to journal themselves wealthy.


Here’s the training outline 

*Module 1: Uncovering your money story

*Module 2: Transform your money story

*Module 3: Transform your relationship with money

*Module 4: Creating and receiving more money now

*Module 5: The 5 Pillars of Money + Wealth Creation

Each module contains 2 video trainings ranging from 45 minutes to over 120 minutes


This is an immersion of magic and mystery that is bound to reweave YOU…

your life, business, and the world through your awakening, and your audacious dream birthed as the Sacred Revolution it was meant to be!

You can finally experience money as it is meant to be, a supportive resource to all of your dreams, desires and souls-work.

Let the activation’s enter into your energetic field and open to this alignment with your natural state of infinite abundance to allow the alchemy to infuse throughout your body.

It’s real, it’s practical, it’s alchemical, and it will free you of guilt, fear, confusion, and limitation that have built up resistance to your natural state of infinite abundance.


ONLY $297


The energy + frequency of money…

I’ve heard it all, darling!

Some people teach that more money = how hard you are working, how much creativity you are expressing, how many Facebook ads you are running, how many social media posts + emails you are creating and sending out.

Others swear it’s about the books you are reading, who you surround yourself with, what full moon ceremonies you are doing, what crystals you are using, or how much you are not focusing on money.

There are a lot of people doing a lot of the above stuff who are broke AF.

Your ability to earn, create, and receive money has nothing to do with rituals or superstition and it certainly is not dependent on hustle.

AND anything that supports you in an inspired state, contributes to your sense of worthiness + value.

Participating in rituals, rules, or strategy that helps you to manifest money haphazardly or only sometimes, is still covering up the actual issue and missing the entire point.

The only fail-proof way I know to earn, attract, and receive money on command, and with ease is this:

Opening more & more to your natural state of wealth + abundance. That’s the energy + frequency of your state of BEING.

While reclaiming your power from limiting and restricting patterns.

AND unleashing Your Soul State experienced + expressed.

From there, you are finally able to receive the strategic guidance and action steps you need – DIVINE GOOGLE MAPS

From there, you finally allow the money that has always been waiting for you to flow in – IT’S YOUR NATURAL STATE

From there, you finally understand how all of this money stuff actually works – WHAT MONEY TRULY IS

Your experience of having money – or lack thereof – may not have been easy, pleasurable or even fucking fun up until this point.

You may not have been set up for success.

You may not have a lot of examples of people who turned this area of their lives around.

AND, that’s OK, it no longer has to be your story.


To be real with you, as a grown ass woman your future experiences with money are largely dependent on one thing:


This is about you.

This is about your energy. Your belief. Your rules. Your decision. Your openness.

You knowing that you are enough.

You allowing. You deciding.

And you receiving.

God, the Universe, the angels, and luck are not holding anything back from you.

You becoming your NEXT LEVEL NOW and an energetic match for what you want was always – and is still – the answer.

You can learn, open up to, and become aligned to how to earn and create money intentionally.

And on purpose.

With repeatable results.

When you shift your relationship, mentality, energy, and rules around money…

…you shift the rules and dynamics around how money works for you.

 I make it simple.

I get it. I’ve done it. I do it.

I live by these principals.

I’ve taught it to thousands of women.

And I am here to show you how.

You receiving the money that is meant to support you, your wild dreams + visions, and desires positively impacts your life, the lives of those around you, AND the world.

 Total value over





That’s $33 a video training, if you don’t include the playbooks, meditations and journal prompts.

Money Mastery is available all year round to support you, but I don’t often put this program on sale.

Are you ready?

Of course you are, you visionary, quantum leaping, soon to be rich & wealth without the fucking struggle & hustle, badass.


ONLY $297


Alexandra Lawrence

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Sistermind: A Global Sacred Business Mastermind and Mentorship Company.

Sistermind is a world-wide network of women entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, innovators, and change-agents who are devoted—first, to waking up and living from their highest soul’s expression and potential, and second, to applying their souls-work in creating businesses as a sacred revolution with high levels of wealth, impact and purpose for the health and restoration of the world.

After making millions doing my souls-work, and unlocking the powerful & natural Feminine Way of Being & Doing business, impacting hundreds of thousands around the world, I’ve felt called to offer this powerful, potent, and alchemical work to MORE women, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ve open this up to you, and together we are going to AWAKEN to change this world, starting, my darling, with YOU!


I’m An Entrepreneurial Alchemist & Multi Millionaire…

and a master at masterminding large impactful business visions, and how to actualize these visions into successful businesses that change the world. I has a profound passion for balancing and blending the spiritual and physical worlds. With a lifetime of deep spiritual practice guiding my approach, I have spent decades helping visionary and luminary women leaders unify their spirituality and savvy business strategies to lead their own sacred business revolutions. My empowering and edgy coaching style draws on my client’s power to actively elevate themselves and soul toward personal and planetary evolution.

– 20 years as an entrepreneur

– 15 years coaching

– 5 startups

– 10 years teaching workshops, and sacred femme business leadership & wealth

– CEO, Co-founder and Director of 4 businesses