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Sister…it’s time.

Your leadership, your majesty, your light are called for at this time of Holy Urgency on Earth.

Your Sacred Business Revolution is needed as we usher in this age of rising consciousness.

It’s a place in the Universe that only you can fill.

Your vision

You are a luminary conscious leader with a big vision to lead a business revolution that will have profound ripple effects in the world.

You know that you carry a personal AND a planetary dream inside of you.

Perhaps you feel something stand between you and rising up to meet that dream?

What is it? And how will you finally answer the call?

Sometimes it is terrifying to receive the honor of such a gift.

Stepping into a sacred space where you fully own your wild, crazy, lofty vision is key to receiving this gift! Such a space can hold your vision of a world-transforming movement while you become more at home in your power, truth and spiritual depth.

Imagine taking this journey with other women – like yourself. Imagine doing this in circle without the burnout, self-sacrifice and debilitating resistance of fear.

Your truth

Sure, you may fantasize about packing it all in and retreating to some unknown locale and living “the simple life” because you feel the weight of this dream and the pressure to manifest it.

However, something inside keeps whispering to expand and become the DARING and DISRUPTIVE force of nature you truly are!

Perhaps your next quantum leap is yet in front of you, and we promise – working harder is NOT the key to your next level of self-fulfillment and manifestation!

You know something must change because what has brought you this far will not take you any further. You can no longer deny the draw toward the integration of your high-priestess spirit and your entrepreneurial self!

Alexandra Lawrence, Vision Leadership & Success Coach


It’s time to claim the marriage of the mystic within and the savvy, grounded business woman.

It’s time to tell a new story, go off the page, take the path less travelled and leave a trail for others to follow.

Maybe you’ve wondered just what on earth all this means – this “new paradigm”, this leap between dimensions, this movement of “rising consciousness”?

Maybe you get it, and you’re wondering how to bring this powerful wave into your business, your mission, your life?

This is an unprecedented time on earth, and women – specifically – are being called to steward this transition, to come out from hiding and into our fullest expressions.

You are being asked to trust that – if you dare to jump, you will learn to fly.

Women who dare enter

Women who enter the Sistermind Circle share these desires:

1. You need to fully merge your spiritual path with your business path.

You can no longer deny that the spiritual part of you has to be an intricate part of your business, because the beauty of your vision is something you know is intertwined with spirit. But you feel trepidation about weaving this into your business, as your rational consciousness mind tells you it’s too “woo woo” and you feel scared that “coming out of the closet” is going to leave you vulnerable to judgment and dismissal.

2. You desire to “work less and earn more”.

You are still playing the role of Chief Everything Officer, wearing 8 different hats, pushing through and working hard to achieve your goals. Your stress-levels are growing, so you push through even more to get the results. Which continues to keep you in the loop of self-sacrifice and self-denial. Deep down you know this is not sustainable, let alone regenerative. You can’t keep going at this rate, but you’ve been told and shown that this is what is required, and how to birth your vision. Something inside is screaming “Bullshit! There has to be a better way!” The truth is you don’t need more time working at your computer and immersed in meetings; you require more time for yourself, your spiritual practices, connection with nature, your loved ones and the freedom you imagined you would have once you “reached a certain level”.

3. You know that to fully manifest your multidimensional vision, it requires the expansion of your resources to seven figures and beyond.

There are likely two things holding you back from full devotion: First, you’re embarking into new territory and believe you don’t have the strength to do this without pouring more of your time and energy into it. If a multiple six-figure business is already this demanding, then what’s it going to be like when you make it to seven-figures? Does this mean more sacrifice? Second, and this is the deeply vulnerable part, you feel overwhelmed and scared because “Who am I to do this? Who am I to claim my freedom, my expansion, my happiness?”

True, at this point you’ve experienced success and accomplished many of your dreams. You’ve expanded your business, grown your abundance and wealth. You also know, that to manifest the next level of your multidimensional vision, you require the inflow of seven + figures as a resource to manifest your sacred business revolution into its next evolution.

4. You desire to manifest a sacred business revolution that creates ripple effects throughout the world.

You’re 100% devoted to this vision and on one level you feel scared and thrilled by it. You’re dedicated to showing up at your fullest, most radiant, most daring, most disruptive visionary self. Most of all, you’re ready to claim the mantle of the High-Priestess, the alchemical miracle- maker of good effects in the world. You’re ready to let go of the noise and align with the wisdom. You feel called to use your business as a channel for reweaving the world for the good of all.

5. You know that you must step into a leadership role, if you haven’t already.

You know that to take your business and self to the next level you need to surrender, trust and delegate (you’ve heard this before, yes?) and you need an aligned plan for this. Who do you need to unfold into to become the sacred leader? How do you step into Sacred Leadership remaining aligned, empowered, and at ease with your stance? In part, by bringing in the right people and finally giving up the “I’ll just do it myself” syndrome. It’s time to integrate your A-Team, bring on people that love your vision and are devoted to it, empower yourself and others, and finally free up time and space to focus on the areas of your greatness.

6. You often feel alone on your path. You’ve brought yourself to the highest reaches in your field.

You’re the expert and perhaps you feel isolated. What happens when you get to the top of the mountain? It can be lonely! And while your mind is saying, you should be able to do this all by yourself, your soul craves sisterhood, to be seen, held, supported, and served in a space where you can deeply explore all aspects of yourself and speak your most vulnerable truth.

7. You yearn for stillness, to rest in the moment and gather the pieces of you that seem to be scattered about.

You deeply desire time and space for your vision to expand, solidify and be embodied. You require to be filled by spirit and to take care of yourself. You’ve felt this urge for the longest time, but you have continued to push through, saying “I’ll make time when I’ve reached this goal and achieved this result.” The proverbial carrot at the end of the stick lingers before you. No more! The secret is in merging the dream and the doer, the vibratory state of “It is done” and “So it is”.

8. You need others to see your greatness when you don’t see it yourself.

You need a place that offers impeccable space for you to step into the inner world of transformation, burn away what isn’t serving and release the pieces that are holding you back so you can once again tap into, feel and claim your greatness! When you are in the space of doubting, fearing, or coming up with your internal resistance, you require others to hold the space for you to once again get realigned with your greatness and wisdom. The Sistermind Circle is a haven and birthing room for fellow female visionary path-blazers.

Does this resonate?

Sistermind Logo

Welcome to Sistermind

A Mastermind and Mentorship for Leading a Sacred Revolution –Within and Without

A mystical women’s circle of miracle-minded visionaries is gathering to share, innovate and sculpt a vortex from which to expand, transform and uplift humanity through self and business evolution.

We searched high and low for a mastermind and mentorship of this kind and didn’t find it. So we created this circle knowing that the walk of the lone wolf is over. It’s time to gather in sisterhood with other entrepreneurial women who are on this path to WAKE UP THE WORLD.

We have created a wisdom and business success circle weaving together savvy, grounded, practical wisdom with mystical alchemy. The outcome is you embodying the full measure of your sacred leadership.

Your tribe

Sistermind is a growing society of women courageously taking part in ushering in the new age.

We are a tribe of high-earning, high-priestess female entrepreneurs who are changing the world, and devoted to going to the next level of healing and consciousness, the next business venture, or the re-invention of life design in service to the transition of our times.

In an exclusive, year long passage with an intimate group of women, you will take the journey of a lifetime envisioning, developing and birthing the evolution of your revolutionary dream into this world.

You’ll receive expert guidance from shamanic and leadership coaches, Alexandra Lawrence and Elizabeth Robinson, and the sisters around you, as you traverse through channels of self-inquiry and personal expansion.

Sistermind - Your Tribe
SIstermind Circle - Your Path

Your path

This is an opportunity for unparalleled support as you clear subconscious drivers around wealth, leadership, joy and open into new levels of freedom.

This is the place where ancient wisdom and your TRUE SELF meet to show you the way.

This is the place where you blaze your own trail, and only follow what resonates with your heart, creating your own method for cracking wide open to the power of divine feminine visionary leadership.

This journey is not about magic pills, blueprints, models, or what you should be doing. It’s about opening to your own innate wisdom and truth so you can receive miracles and the unlimited possibilities in your life and business.

Are you ready to unleash your dream, and step into divine manifestation?

Your devotion

The Sistermind Circle is a devoted intimate group of women who are seeking to reestablish and rebalance the feminine and masculine in all things.

Sistermind is a quest to uncover and live from your full magnificence.

From this place, you blaze your own trail, experiencing God within as you enter the next phases of personal and planetary evolution.

Sistermind is a call to embody your truth and celebrate who you are without apology, without compromise and without self-sacrifice.

As a woman of power, you operate in the world at your fullest expression, in your highest design, and within balance – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You know who you are.

From this place, the power to shape, sculpt, create and birth events flows through you – naturally.

To serve at your highest level, you need to be served at the highest level you can tolerate.

It’s time to be done with the feminine story of self-betrayal, self-sacrifice, and self-abandonment.

The world needs you

The world needs this kind of Sacred Feminine Leadership.

The Sistermind Circle offers the reflection you need to embody these qualities and hold yourself accountable to the dream.

Joining Sistermind Circle is your devotion to lead your Sacred Business Revolution in full alignment with your truth and the truth of your highest guidance.

Will you receive individual attention and support, personalized strategy & ceremony to dive into and trust the wisdom within and the guidance from Elizabeth and Alexandra and their team to manifest the resource of seven figures and beyond?


Will you discover, hone and refine the tools and resources you require to finally let go of being Chief Everything Officer?

Are you ready to reside in your zone of Greatness, shifting into this new paradigm of sacred feminine leadership, inspiration, vision and wisdom?

Hell, yes!

However, most essentially, the Sistermind Circle is about you! the No-Ordinary-Dreamer, the Soul-Leader, the Daring Visionaire, the Fierce Feminine Freedom Creatrix, the World Weaver!

You are a Sacred Revolution

You are a force of nature, when you allow yourself
to receive exquisite and impeccable support.


Enrollment for Sistermind Circle 2017 is Open!

A select group of women will share a visionary journey of a lifetime.

This sisterhood will journey operating from a high-frequency paradigm of wealth consciousness, metaphysical support and business guidance for re-sculpting your place in the universe.

The Sistermind container allows each woman to discover and embrace her essence so she may receive her Divine Design of wealth, love and perfect self-expression.

This level of healing will allow you to BRING IT as you put your dent in the universe.

As part of your Sistermind Circle journey, our group of miracle-minded visionaires will gather 
in three locations during the year, that will stir your soul and awaken your capacity for dreaming, creating and living an empowered business and life balance.

These indulgent accommodations will nurture you as you bring forth your finest.

The locations are a big part of the journey as they reflect the stages of our evolution through this year-long process.

The time we share together will be active and conceptive, so we will enjoy labor and the fruits of our labor via plenty of time to create and co-create, as well as to rest and nurture.

Throughout the year, you will be connected to a powerful network of active prayer, intentional ritual and transformational practices that are the backbone of our individual and group design. We will also establish two monthly Zoom calls, emails, videos and other supportive methods.

And…please know we are only accepting a small number of exceptional women into this group.

We are looking for you, the Soul-Driven, Daring Dreamer and Conscious Visionaire. We are looking for the sacred revolutionary leader desiring to re-weave and re-sculpt the world and create a social impact in full alignment with your TRUTH and HIGHEST CALLING.

Your business is at a minimum in the lower multiple six figures. You require seven figures and beyond to manifest your vision, without sacrificing and compromising your holistic life.

Sound like you?

Then click the button below to apply for Sistermind Circle 2017 now!

We’ll get on a one-on-one call to discover if you and the sacred container of Sistermind are meant to journey together in 2017.

HEADS-UP: This is a premium, high-level, exclusive mastermind & mentorship. To be eligible you must be creating and receiving at least six figures or more. If you’re not at that financial level yet, make sure to check out Sistermind Visionaire for more opportunities to learn from us and our team!


In a nutshell, your journey will be comprised of:

Saying “Yes!” to the most life-affirming dedication you’ve ever made;

Being reverently welcomed into this Sisterhood in full recognition for what you’ve accomplished and what you’re about to birth into the world;

Being served at the highest and deepest levels so you can expand your service and offerings;

Three luxurious retreats for the gathering of Sistermind – spread over the course of a year – that include deep revelations as well as deep relaxation;

2 Zoom calls each month for focus and vitalization, connection and contribution;

Guidance in the artistry and skill of living in balance with the highest feminine and masculine expression balance;

Creating and integrating ceremony & ritual into daily life;

Gaining prowess with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices;

Akashic Record Readings with renowned psychic Kara Gilligan of Waking Beauty;

Alexandra and Elizabeth available for 1:1 support, check-ins, and intuitive guidance (we are your shield maidens on this journey, we will be with you every step of the way);

Gifts, surprises & luxuries tailored to your needs;

Private FB Group for sister-to-sister support.

At the year’s end, as a graduate, you are initiated into the Sistermind Society and the Sistermind Foundation, where lifetime impacts on self, other and the planet will be honored and supported to continue rippling around the world.

Here you continue to be in an expanding sisterhood moving forward, so you have the support and assistance to expand the multi-dimensionality of your sacred business revolution.


The Sistermind container is a seven figure vortex of energetic capital.

We will work with the alchemy of this container over the course of the year to mindfully multiply its worth- and yours – in the world many times over.

10% of gross proceeds will be made from the collective group of Sistermind participants to two powerful world-changing organizations: Pachamama Alliance and Kiva.



All accommodations, meals, entertainment and many extras are included for the three gatherings. Flights and ground transportation are not covered.

You are part of this humanitarian vision whilst energetically raising your frequency in a million dollar container with miracle-minded women who are creating…

life & business on purpose!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to receive the energetic wave of highest intention and a holy relationship with a collective of other miracle-minded, powerhouse women in 2017?

You are being called.

The question is – will you answer?

We would love to welcome you into our exceptional group of leaders out changing the world from within and without.

We would be honoured to serve you at our highest level.

Click the button below and fill in your details to let us know more about yourself, your business and your vision. By applying for this mastermind and mentorship, you are not guaranteed to become a member.

We will schedule a one-on-one call and discover with you personally whether this path resonates with your soul and highest calling.


Meet Alexandra

Vision Leadership & Success Coach

Alexandra Lawrence coaches daring, determined women who are called to greatness through a suite of in-person and virtual programs that embody the Kunlun Mountain’s 10 Steps and honor the Masculine in service of the Feminine. Alexandra guides her clients to their authentic, inspired selves and gives them the tools needed to manifest lives of sustained freedom and exceptionality.

Meet Elizabeth

Alchemy, Ritual & Resilience Coach

Elizabeth Robinson is the architect of the ILLUMINESS Matrix, a transformational coaching method for the growth and expansion of luminary women in leadership. ILLUMINESS is for visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs and change-agents who feel deeply moved to reach their highest potential in this lifetime. Elizabeth offers a blend of ancient wisdom teachings paired with modern neurophysiology to understand and transform the human condition to one of resilience and abundance. Her coaching empowers women to realize the warrior’s edge and lead their sacred revolution.