Welcome to 2021 Revelation


Welcome to our 2021 Revelation online portal.

I love that you have joined me and your other sisters in this direct experience of directing manifestation.

You have walked through a door into a new world, a new experience of your raw creative quantum power, and a new experience of manifestation.

This is nothing like you have experienced before…This doesn’t include any antiquated manifestation techniques. This is simple, concise, powerful, and creates your pure desired intentions every single time, and in no time at all.

Breathe all of this in!

IS IT TRULY POSSIBLE TO MANIFEST AS YOU LISTEN? This journey will show you that it is indeed possible to manifest a wildly inspirational life that is the form of your full and infinite potential.

Every “issue” that you have will be dissolved and become a non-issue. You will find yourself being light and free. I’m going to guide you into this not by denying, pretending, or putting a positive band-aid over the problems.

Neither are we going to engage with mantras, positive thinking, motivation, high-vibe to attract what we desire into our experience.

We are going to cover up what exists, the limited thoughts and emotions as if we do then they still exist. We have tried to cover up limited thought and emotional constructs by putting a positive mindset over them.

We are not going to using the mind to try and manipulate our external experience, and to activate manifestation.

We are going to transcend matter.

We are going to transcend mind.

We are going to leave the world of mind limitation behind. We are going to transcend into the world of your raw creative quantum power and the ways you can direct it.

There is no need for us to struggle, try, force, push, willpower, or effort to manifest, that which we are already designed for, and that which have always done.

We have the right to create everything and anything that we desire to experience, for the sheer love of experiencing creation made form.

We just need to reconnect to the processes that we have forgotten with the building of mind, thought, and emotional patterns that we have bought into, live into, and poured our power into.

There is a quick and easy way to return to our natural state. Dissolving our preconceived beliefs, thoughts, and ideas of the manifestation process that have been imposed by our minds.

Our minds are completely unnecessary in the manifestation process.

We get to awaken to our raw creative quantum power that manifests everything.

When our minds are completely out of the way, when we transcend the mind, then whatever you desire will effortlessly, and automatically be manifested into form for you to experience.

I see you, I feel you, I’ve been waiting for you, and I am thrilled to finally meet you.



Quantum Field Activation + Crossing The Threshold