your wildest dreams begin now…

Unleash The Soul Powered Leader Of Your Sacred Business, Movement, or Artistry.

a 6 month immersion & incubator…

To Embody Your Fullest Expression as a Queen, Mystic, Alchemist, Badass CEO, Create a Highly Wealthy Business Where Every Aspect is an Expansive Experience of Freedom & Flow.

I’m inviting you to take a journey of your manifested destiny.

A journey were you will no longer question how powerful you are, and you will no longer doubt your purpose, visions, dreams & desires.

A journey where you will burn all the rules and step into true FREEDOM.

YOU ARE a Luminary Leader, the Sacred Revolutionary, the Audacious Creatrix, the Woman who will not settle for anything less then her Fullest Expression & Soul Mission, period!

You feel the call to awaken more and more within you, to awaken to your Divine Design that stirs your soul, and to unleash the Sacred Revolution and Movement through your visionary leadership out into the world at a scale that aligns with the vision you have been given.




all you, all queen



Welcome to Sistermind’s Unleash

A collective of soulful leaders, soul-led entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, and mystics doing loving & positive work in the world…living in ultimate freedom and divine connection while receiving ALL for unleashing into you and unleashing into love.

A powerful incubator and immersion into the TRUTH of of who you are, and sharing that truth with world.

The point of this immersion & incubator is to step into your next level of power & purpose, fully unleashed.

From a place of owning ALL of who you are, your gifts, greatness, love and SOUL, and deciding what you are available for in your life…this is where MAGIC is unleashed.

 You will decide how things are created by you and for you.

 You will write and play with NEW RULES.

 You will choose new outcomes – because you’ll know the truth of what creates outcomes.

 You will become next level…AF, my darling.

I know from experience that following my Soul’s Desire fully experienced and expressed each day, while making decisions in alignment with this truth – freedom, flow, ease, power and fortune…is absolutely everything to me.

 This approach has brought myself and my the badass women I have the honor to call clients, deeper fulfillment, more freedom & fortune, with increased influence and impact.

Unleash is a comprehensive, all inclusive business, leadership, and mystical mentorship that guides you in awakening and transforming your soul-work into a highly purposeful, profitable and powerful business, movement or artistry.

>>> From this place you will know that everything is possible.

>>> From this place, you can quantum leap into your and your business & leadership’s next level.

>>> From this place, you can manifest miracle after miracles.

>>> From this place, you can embody/create/become anything you desire.

>>> From this place, you will multiply your income while working less, being lite up, and unapologetically being all of you.

Be your true self! Show up for your business, clients, and self.

Be known for your greatness.

Get paid for being you.

It’s time for more flow, abundance, joy, and fun inside of your life and business.

This is about so much more than money, clients, customers, donor, investors, partners etc.

This is about unleashing into you and into love.

This is about designing this thing the way you want — completely.

How Unleash Works

After 10 years of working with tens of thousands of exceptional women from around the world I’ve brought together everything I have awakened to and discovered as a spiritual & practical leader & entrepreneur – merging the MYSTIC & BOSS within.

I’ve distilled all the principles to success that create from LOVE and catalyzes you falling in LOVE with you, your business, movement, artistry and life.

Unleash includes all the business, leadership, mindset, soul activating training, personalized support, global femme community, private coaching access, invites to exclusive in person retreats and more.

* Continually coaching, training and masterminding inside our private chat group.

* 3 live group training call every month + live coaching

*Unlimited Voxer group audio & text support (this is where the magic happens)

* Two 1:1 session with Alexandra – valued at $10,000

* Access to ALL digital offers I release starting now until through the entire time you are in Unleash (including all digital courses, video training bundles, the Society, etc)

* Access to ALL programs, meditations, activation’s that I have created in 2019 – value over $4000

* New Month to Month mastermind after the first 6-months.

This incubator becomes a monthly container, which means you can stay in after the initial 6-months (or 9-months if you sign up in 2019) for as long or as short as you desire. Receive what you require and then bow out.

 What really sets this incubator apart is there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all blueprints or steps. Instead you are personally guided to awaken to your own unique blueprint for success, I call this your soul’s blueprint & divine google maps.

The life and results you’re dreaming of come from BEING in expansion and alignment and I’m here to guide you in awakening + unleashing that for yourself NOW.

When you join in 2019 you’ll also receive an extra 3-months for FREE – that’s 9-months for the investment of 6-months.


The Intention

Rise up for what’s next for you. Do it more quickly then you’ve ever imagined. Embody your power in a new way. Receive what you need. Shift. Go to your next level.


The Magic

A complete bespoke experience.

Unleash into You, unleash into Love is a revolutionary way to create what your Soul Desires, the freedom filled, soulful business, leadership, movement, empire, or artistry that is highly powerful, purposeful and profitable revolution of love into the world.

After personally doing this spiritual work of quantum creation for most of my life (yes, I was that wonderful child that dived into metaphysics at the age of 8, and quantum physics at the age of 18), and playing the entrepreneurial game for nearly 20 years now (nearly half my life)…plus working with tens of thousands of clients and women from around the world, I have discovered the exact practices and principle that work every single time in creating NEW realities.

>> Personalized Support and Guidance (no one-size-fits all blueprints!)

>> Instant Access to Every Training + Resource so you can create momentum FAST

>> Community is VITAL! I’ve seen it over and over again, private coaching will NEVER get you as far as personalized support combined with real connected powerful femme community

>> Plus Access to Private Support for Times When You’re Going Through BIG Up Levels

>> In Person Experiences Where the Energy and Results are Amplified and You Step Into Your Next Level In A Single Day

>> Absolutely Nothing Off Limits. Every tool, strategy and trick of the trade my team and I know.

>> A 6-Month Container That’s Big Enough to hold real growth, expansion and lock in long term results

>> VIP Status and Investment. Let’s be real you’re never going to get to the VIP level for pauper prices. If you’re ready to live the NEXT LEVEL AF YOU then it’s time to invest in your #1 resource that will always give you the biggest return on your investment…YOU!
Over and over again these are what I’ve seen make the biggest difference between those who hop in and out of courses and freebies but years down the road are at the exactly same place and those who make a decision to go all in and live the life of their dreams now.

And I’m living proof of this because this is the exact path I chose for myself when I went from $1000/month in my own business to over $750,000 in under 18-months, so I stand by it one million percent.

The alchemy, energy, uplevels & results are off the charts.

Are Ready to do this thing?

The doors are open to you NOW!

Ready to be mentored by me personally?

Ready to receive at this level and unlock the FEMININE way of BEING & DOING BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP?


Of course you are you visionary badass!

Together We Rise!

Now is your time to…

unleash into you, unleash into love, and live your wildest dreams

Enrollment options

The 6-month incuabtor & mentorship for soulful entrepreneurs, leaders, culture creators, artists and creatives on the RISE.





9 payments x $1000

Alexandra Lawrence

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Sistermind: A Global Sacred Business Mastermind and Mentorship Company.

Sistermind is a world-wide network of women entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, innovators, and change-agents who are devoted—first, to waking up and living from their highest soul’s expression and potential, and second, to applying their souls-work in creating businesses as a sacred revolution with high levels of wealth, impact and purpose for the health and restoration of the world.

After making millions doing my souls-work, and unlocking the powerful & natural Feminine Way of Being & Doing business, impacting hundreds of thousands around the world, I’ve felt called to offer this powerful, potent, and alchemical work to MORE women, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ve open this up to you, and together we are going to AWAKEN to change this world, starting, my darling, with YOU!


I’m An Entrepreneurial Alchemist…

and a master at masterminding large impactful business visions, and how to actualize these visions into successful businesses that change the world. I has a profound passion for balancing and blending the spiritual and physical worlds. With a lifetime of deep spiritual practice guiding my approach, I have spent decades helping visionary and luminary women leaders unify their spirituality and savvy business strategies to lead their own sacred business revolutions. My empowering and edgy coaching style draws on my client’s power to actively elevate themselves and soul toward personal and planetary evolution.

– 19 years as an entrepreneur

– 14 years coaching

– 5 startups

– 10 years teaching workshops, and sacred femme business leadership

– CEO, Co-founder and Director of 4 businesses

Are you one of the “crazy’s” that are meant to set the old rules on fire, and create, design, run and operate the channel/s for your souls-work YOUR SOUL WAY?

“Hell Yes?”

Then I invite you into this catalyzing journey to your next level.

It’s time to Unleash Into Soul

It’s time to come home to YOU