The Society

The Alchemical incubator to Awaken to Your Souls-Purpose, Tap Into Soul-Power, Unleash Your Souls-Work, Be Guided by your Unique Soulful Business Strategy, Receive Massive Money, and Change This WORLD!


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The Alchemical incubator to Tap Into Soul-Power, Unleash Your Souls-Work, Be Guided by your Unique Soulful Business Strategy, Receive Massive Money, and Change This WORLD!

This Soul incubator & femme community is like nothing out there!

A 12-month sacred femme society & incubator, weekly new vids from me, weekly live Q&A, weekly NEW content from activation audios, visualizations, meditations, and journal prompts, to LIVE monthly mentoring calls and MORE.

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In The Society…

you’ll be guided and discover how creation actually works (hint – manifestation is the last step in the creation process), you will awaken to the creation process to utilize it to hit your wild desires & goals, and expanding more and more into freedom, fortune, and flow.

I’m going to be mentoring and walking you through the specific principles that have worked for me and my clients again and again…

Awaken to your Soul Desires.Most people are focused on attaining the goals in their outer world, and don’t realize that isn’t their true desire or where their power lives.

How to express your Soul Desire/s for effortless manifestation.

Deciding that the expression of your Soul Desires are done. Choosing, claiming, and embodying them.

Discover the rules that you have been operating under and discover your power as the rule-maker and the rule-breaker, so that you finally choose consciously the rules to support you and not restrict & limit you any longer.

Come into alignment with your Soul Desires and the expression of them daily.

Take action for the sheer pleasure of being in relationship and playing with the unfolding your the expression of Soul Desires (goals). Finally knowing that it’s not your actions that ‘make things happen’, it is your state of beingness while taking the action that creates.

Let life show up for you, realizing that what is outside of you is simply a reflection of what you are choosing within you, and who you are choosing to be.

How to receive yourself FULL, so you no longer reject yourself, make yourself wrong, and think you have to hustle, grind, prove and push.

Start seeing your business and life shift to reflect the NEW YOU (the you you’ve always meant to be), start seeing results NOW.

A glimpse of what you receive in The Society

>>> Weekly videos straight from my soul to yours

 >>> NEW Weekly content released including audios, mini video trainings, guided visualizations, meditations, activation live vids, and MORE!

 >>> New content diving into everything from aligned business creation, design, and operations, tapping into real abundance, receiving what is meant for you, busting free from the money game, unlocking your powerful message, calling in soul-aligned clients, customers, partners, investors, collaborators, and team members

 Living and Working Soulfully LED and FREE!

 >>> Monthly LIVE mentoring calls + spotlight coaching to work together live for quantum up levels NOW

>>> Weekly Facebook Lives in our private FB group

>>> Members-only FB group for ongoing support + community with some of the most like-minded badass, luminary, visionaries, powerful female leaders in the world who see you and feel you

>>> Weekly live Q&A with me, Alexandra

>>> Unlimited replays of all live trainings

>>> First access to new offers, courses, programs + special Society pricing

>>>Be immersed in the energy & alchemy of Soul-Aligment, unleash your truest & fullest expression without apology, and create the business/es and life that your soul-craves by BEING ALL OF YOU…



To all of this…

the powerful femme community, 22+ hours of video & audio activations & trainings, journal prompts, meditations, and playbooks to guide & assist you in shifting into your next level with ease & flow, WITH BRAND NEW CONTENT DROPPING EVERY WEEK.

Bonuses…simply because Love…

of you, your souls-work, and the money that is meant for you.

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 BONUS #2 MY ENTIRE “Millionaire Soul Activation” Workshop + a deep dive playbook to access your soul-purpose, power to create everything you desire, and your unique business soul-strategy that creates results like magic (normally $222)

What I share in this video training & activation are the same tools and processes I personally use to create $250,000+ Months, in flow, freedom, and pleasure (you’re going to love this). These processes are fun and powerful, you’ll want to dive into them over and over again.

BONUS #3 Access to all videos, meditations, playbooks, journal prompts and call replays you’ve missed.

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Ready to join us?

Ready to join this powerful femme community?

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Together We Rise!

Alexandra Lawrence

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Sistermind: A Global Sacred Business Mastermind and Mentorship Company.

Sistermind is a world-wide network of women entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, innovators, and change-agents who are devoted—first, to waking up and living from their highest soul’s expression and potential, and second, to applying their souls-work in creating businesses as a sacred revolution with high levels of wealth, impact and purpose for the health and restoration of the world.

After making millions doing my souls-work, and unlocking the powerful & natural Feminine Way of Being & Doing business, impacting hundreds of thousands around the world, I’ve felt called to offer this powerful, potent, and alchemical work to MORE women, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ve open this up to you, and together we are going to AWAKEN to change this world, starting, my darling, with YOU!


I’m An Entrepreneurial Alchemist…

and a master at masterminding large impactful business visions, and how to actualize these visions into successful businesses that change the world. I has a profound passion for balancing and blending the spiritual and physical worlds. With a lifetime of deep spiritual practice guiding my approach, I have spent decades helping visionary and luminary women leaders unify their spirituality and savvy business strategies to lead their own sacred business revolutions. My empowering and edgy coaching style draws on my client’s power to actively elevate themselves and soul toward personal and planetary evolution.

– 19 years as an entrepreneur

– 14 years coaching

– 5 startups

– 10 years teaching workshops, and sacred femme business leadership

– CEO, Co-founder and Director of 4 businesses

Sistermind had never offered a powerful & activating live mentoring, femme community & soul activating incubator like this before for this crazy low of an investment.

Are you one of the “crazy’s” that are meant to set the old rules on fire, and create, design, run and operate the channel/s for your souls-work YOUR SOUL WAY?

“Hell Yes?”

Then I invite you into this catalyzing journey to your next level.

It’s time to Unleash Into Soul

It’s time to come home to YOU

The Alchemical incubator to Awaken to Your Souls-Purpose, Tap Into Soul-Power, Unleash Your Souls-Work, Be Guided by your Unique Soulful Business Strategy, Receive Massive Money, and Change This WORLD!