Soul Flow


Welcome sister…

To Your SOUL FLOW 13 Day Training Journey

The vid trainings have been organized in a progressive flow for you to dive into each day. Along with the videos you will receive a journal prompt + a meditation.

Please trust what order you desire and feel inspired to dive into. You can dive into each vid at your own pace, when you want to, when you feel inspired to and in what order you like.

The format is simply a structure and suggestion from me.

Welcome to a journey of awakening to your extraordinariness.

I love you,


Welcome to Day 1

Unleash into love, confidence, belief and trusting your Soul desires



Listen to this Meditation ‘I am Enough’

Welcome to Day 2

Accessing your True Soul Desires so you know with certainity what you are meant to walk out into your world and how to do it.

Journal Prompt


Journal Prompts

“I trust in what I truly desire. I dissolve now all the make-dos, second best, and substitutions. I dissolve now the judgments, doubts, and fears that I have been carrying, and as I dissolve those patterns I feel my energy and power coming back to me. I now access what I desire, let them be created through me, and allow myself to receive them all”
What comes up for you as you read this?
If this was true for you and you knew that just by deciding that this is so, it becomes so, how would you feel about yourself?
What new rules and stories would you be telling yourself?
What would you say yes to that you have been saying no to?
How would you feel about yourself?
How would you feel about your life?
What would you believe was possible for you?
Are you ready to make this declaration?

Welcome to Day 3

Dissolving & Clearing Old Patterns and Beliefs of Fear and Limitations.

Accessing Soul Flow.



Listen to this meditation “I fucking love myself’


Welcome to Day 4

How to claim ALL of you, and what this creates, unleashes, and rescultps in your outer world.

Journal Prompt


Journal Prompts

“What if I allowed myself to be all me?”

How would that feel?

What would I do differently?

How would I be in relationship differently?

How would I show up?

What would I be choosing now?

What would I be following?

What would I know to be true?

What would I think about myself, life, business and money?

What would I share?

What would I say?

What truths would I know?

How would I treat myself?

How would I talk to myself?

Welcome to Day 5

Flipping the switch on your stories.

Mindset, consiousness and energy training.



Listen to this Meditation “Soul Desired State”


Welcome to Day 6

How to Back Yourself 100%

How to know with certainity that what you are doing, sharing, and creating is backed by Source and Soul.

Journal Prompt


Journal Prompts

What does it feel like to go all in?

How are I limiting myself and not backing my desires, inspiration, ideas, and dreams?

What does believing and backing myself 100% feel like and look like?

How would it change my world?

How would it change my results?

What would I be doing differently if I knew that what I desires was a certainty?

What if I trusted myself above all else?

How would that change things for me?

Welcome to Day 7

How to unlink old stories to dissolving the experiences you are currently having and how to link up new stories with things you desire so they are manifested.

How to upgrade your beliefs, standards and how life gets to be for you.



Listen to this Meditation “Soul Desires”


Listen to this Meditation “Dissolving Limiting Patterns”

Welcome to Day 8

Setting intentions and how to connect to your Quantum Field for greater manifestation ease.



Listen to this Meditation “Soul Activation”


Welcome to Day 9

How to Identify Bullshit Rules That You Are Operating Under and Break Them

How to Set New Rules and Lock Them In So They Become Your Reality

Jornal Prompts


Journal Prompts

What is it that you now know is yours to create this year?

What are the old patterns that you are meant to dissolve?

Welcome to Day 10

How to Create with Soul and from Soul anything that you desire

This is the process of creation and mechanics of Manifestation

Journal Prompts


Journal Prompts

Beyond the mind, the heart beats, and the Soul guides.
Beneath the ceaseless activity of the mind lives a sacred sanctuary within. There is an endless, vastly spaciousness that restores connects you to something greater, something bigger, something that is outside of time…the infinite potential of your Souls-Purpose.
Within in this Sanctuary resides The Feminine Way of Creation. The totality of life beating and desiring to be birthed through you, through the channels that light you up, and are governed by your Rebellious Sacred Soul.
In this Sanctuary, all of your BEING can be felt, the infinite aspect of your fullest expression that inspires energizes and move you to create, beyond what you once thought was possible.
Your mind sees, plans, strategizes.
Your Soul feels, responds, intuits, guides, and flows with the Power of Creation.
You are being asked to trust your Soul, and tap into it.
The role of your mind is to serve the truths of your Soul.
To create the spacious environment within of receptiveness of receiving your Soul-Desires, so you can unleash your Soul-Work into the world.
  1. “I trust you. You are wise and my guide. You beat and flow in harmony with the greater plan that is mine to create, birth and nurture. You are my guiding light. I now receive my next level of my Soul-Desires”
What did you feel, see or hear during this activation?
2. “What I desire, desires me, and I am NOW open, willing, and capable to receive. I receive my next level and vision of my Soul-Purpose, right here, right now. Through LOVE I receive this knowing NOW”
What did you receive?
What came through you?
3. “I trust in what I truly desire. I release now all the make-dos, second best, and substitutions. I release now the judgments, doubts, and fears that I have been carrying. I now access what I desire, and let them be created through me”
What came through for you? What desires surfaced?

Welcome to Day 11

How to Become so Tapped Into Soul Flow that you Feel Wildly In Love with Your Life, Business, Money and Self



Listen to this Meditation “Activating Your Quantum Field”


Welcome to Day 12

Bringing It All Together



Listen to this Activation “Your infinite abundance expressing itself”


Welcome to Day 13

Embodying the Energy, Vibe & Frequency of your Desires + Dreams to Create them.

Soul Flow

Journal Prompts


Journal Prompts

What are your desires?

How does it feel to embody the energy of them?

Can you lean into these embodied states again and again each day?

How can you support yourself to come back to this work everyday, as much as you require and practices these energy states over and over again?

What have you opened up to discovered during our 13 days together?

What insights have you gained?

How do you feel? How is this impacting your life?

What are you going to choose to create now?

What do you know is possible now?

Congratulations, you fucking did it.

You showed up, dived in, did the work and have now expanded and journeyed further into your phase of awakening.

Thank you, my love, for joining me and journeying with me.

It’s been an honour. I love you. Remember you can’t fuck this up, and you’re being and doing wonderfully. I am so proud of you. Until our next journey.

All my love,