Realign to soul in business & life activation

Access your truth, activate your Souls Purpose, align with your Soul-Power, and return to your infinite state of abundance as a Visionary Alchemical Creatrix, to experience real FREEDOM now!

It’s TIME for you to realign to soul to create quantum results within your business that unleashes your souls-work, monetizing it for massive paydays, and creates fun, pleasure and effortless results NOW…


I’m taking all things BUSINESS and LIVING your BIG WILD DREAMS to the next LEVEL. 

This is not your NORMAL workshop…

It goes far beyond mindset, removing blocks, “acting as if” work.

It is an alchemical Soul Activation Container.

We’re going to DEEP DIVE INTO:


We’re going to turn on your soul-codes and activate your Feme Business Power, so you finally design, create, run and operate your business by your rules, strategies that lights you up, marketing that resonates deeply with your truth, in the ways that you want, from a place of flow and creative ecstasy. 

If you don’t want to get lost in the sea of cookie-cutter entrepreneurs, and doing things exactly like everyone else, because you and I know that you’re so much MORE than that…

Then, darling, you’ve got to Realign To Soul, and let it guide you to create the freedom you crave, the money you desire, and lead the movement that is your gift to the world.


That you are meant to be the Conduit for EXCEPTIONAL SACRED WEALTH to direct it through SOUL & HEART GUIDANCE to PROFOUNDLY IMPACT this world.

You know in your soul that there’s work you’re meant to be doing that has real purpose, creates positive impact in the world and energizes you and, of course, money and freedom should be easy and automatic but…it still hasn’t clicked yet!

And it’s about time that you LIVE THIS TRUTH FULLY?

When you Realign To Soul and let it be the guiding force in your business, you will receive YOUR UNIQUE SOUL-STRATEGY, and don’t be alarmed when you suddenly experience flow, fun, freedom, pleasure and more money than you know what to do with.



You know there’s so much more to life but can’t seem to tap into what it is or how to reach it, and you feel a fire burning in your SOUL, you feel the energy of your SOUL DESIRES coursing through your veins, and deep within you know…

Following your dreams is the only way, am I right?

Then Realign To Soul Is For You!

You are a Soul-leader…

a Sacred Money Alchemist, the innovator of vision, a visionary that is meant to lead us, and you aren’t meant to follow the rules set by others.
You were born to be Soul-Led.

You no longer can tolerate creating, running and operating your business like others do. 
You won’t.

You’re done hiding in the shadows.
You’re done being in the dark and not shinning your full light.

And my darling, you’re not blocked, there is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing you need to remove to tap into Soul and your FULLEST STATE of INFINITE BEINGNESS!

 You’ve simply forgotten your natural state.

You’ve gotten caught up in the beliefs that you are just MIND, and that is where the answers reside.

A mind that has a shit ton of stories of limitations, shoulds, constricting rules, and beliefs that have been keeping you disconnected from the true you.

You’ve allowed your MIND to run the show, rather than being a servant and supportive resource of your SOUL & HEART.

Instead by reawakening to the truth that you are an infinite SOUL in physical form, that you’re SOURCE here on earth, REAL & TRUE FREEDOM becomes your normal.

  This level of FREEDOM isn’t found from achievements, success, or money. There might be glimpses of it from these things. However, freedom, joy, fulfillment, deep-seated confidence, and love is elevated and experienced through returning to SOUL.

All those other things are simply expressions of YOU, they aren’t the REAL YOU.

That isn’t where your power resides, it resides within YOU.

When you REALIGN TO SOUL the wealth, opportunities, resources, material desires, business desires, relationships, BIG WILD dreams, your empire, movement or legacy flow effortlessly into your field because they are an expression of your STATE.

No forcing, hustle, proving and pushing required!  

     This work has transformed my businesses and life, in one fell swoop. 

 Quantum leaps and next level after next level is my normal. 

 This has taken me from focusing on more clients, money and the next best marketing strategies, and just allowing good enough, going into burnout, despair, disconnect and wanting to quit to work at a juice bar on an island, and surf all day…

to living in AND AND, moment to moment, in freedom and flow and witnessing my soul-purpose, soul-power, and sacred-profits soar, while creating the global movement of soul-led powerhouse badass women leaders changing the world through their soul-purpose. 

All from a space of OVERFLOW sister! 

This is what you deserve and more, my darling!

This and more is available to you NOW!

This and more is MEANT FOR YOU!

I’ve devoted my love, life, energy, alchemy, and soul-power to elevating FEME Leaders around the world..

to assist you in remembering who you TRULY ARE, to unleash your SOULS WORK and actualize your BIG WILD DREAMS, and receive all the resources, opportunities and money your SOUL-VISION requires.

 That’s WHY I’ve created…

Realign To Soul

What To Expect From Realign To Soul

Tap Into your Soul-Purpose

Tune Into your Soul-Power

Activate your Sacred Profits

Unlock Your Millionaire Soul

Receive your Soul-Innovative Business Strategy

>> Connect to Divine Downloads to receive instant clarity and certainty on what decisions to make next.

>> Access your Divine Google Maps to illuminate your path moving forward.

>> Discover that you don’t have energetic blocks, there is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing to “fix”, and how to clear stagnation around business, money, relationships, self-trust, belief and love from a space of your true soul-power, instead of trying to fix problems that don’t actually exist.

>> Unlocking your pathfinding natural gift, so you no longer follow anybody else’s rules, shoulds, and how’s – unless they resonate with SOUL.

>> This Activation Workshop is saturated with the frequency of your natural soul state and abundance, meaning you’ll experience shifts and a deep remembrance of who you really are.

What You’ll Receive From Realign To Soul

>> New Realign To Soul workshop video replay with unlimited access.

>> Brand new playbooks to support you in the activations – Soul-Time & Realign To Soul

>> Audio recording of the activations

Join Realign To Soul NOW!

I feel within my Soul that this work is needed and required for many Soul-Sisters and because I desire for you to have zero hesitation, to support you in saying “HELL YES” to your SOUL, following your pull and joining this powerful activation…


Then claim your space & special investment now, before DOORS CLOSE…$97