Awaken to Overflow


Awaken to Overflow of Wealth


Create continual cash flow and allow more abundance in with more ease than ever before.


You can have


You can decide to stop waiting another moment, day, month, year, or decade to expand more and more into your natural state of wealth, and awaken to Overflow.

Your desires, dreams, and wild audacious visions are yours on purpose.

It’s time for you to trust & believe in your power, follow your wisdom, and awaken to give yourself permission to HAVE wealth overflowing in your life.

Your Time Is Now…

I’ve heard the limiting rules, constructs and programs when it comes to wealth…

It’s taught that more money is a result of how hard you work, the marketing, the social media ads you are running, the podcast, book, exposure and PR you have, and how much time you are pouring into your business/job/role etc.

Or, the books you read, the mindset you have, who you surround yourself with, the morning ritual, the exercise you do, the ceremonies you perform, the crystals in your bra, the sacred grids you have setup, the alters, or the Fung Shi of your home/office.

None of that is true…they are all made up constructs that keep you believing that your power to BE and HAVE lives outside of you, lives in what you Do, and how you perform (you’re no performing pony, darling)

This is what I know…

your ability to create and have wealth has nothing to do with what you “DO” and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with how hard you work, how much you work, how much you can sacrifice, how much you can achieve in any given moment or day, and it certainly has nothing to do with all the shinny new marketing and advertising strategies.


anything that supports you and helps you to be in an inspired, expanded, awakened, loving and limitless state of being, and contributes to your sense of self-worth and sense of deserving does helps you create and have more wealth.


the energy of performing and achieving, whether it’s rituals, rules, or strategy, that have only produce inconsistent results anyway, is still putting your power in the wrong places, and it’s still distracting you from the entire point, and where your power actual lives.

The only consistent way I know to create & have on demand, with ease, and with a ton of fun is this:

Be the state and energy of wealth & love, tap into your power, and know deeply that you deserve to Have & Receive.

From this state of being, that energy, and that power you will open up to the sequence of creation…BE-HAVE-PLAY.

From this state of being, you will finally allow yourself to Have & Receive  the wealth that is ALWAYS & ENDLESSLY available to flow in, and overflow into your life.

From this state of being, you finally understand what wealth really is and how the creation and manifestation of money really works.

From this state of being you discover the truth that you are wealth and wealth is you.

Your experience up until this point of being and having wealth – or the lack of it – may have been hard, a struggle, stressful, filled with anxiety, and a lot of hard work.

I get it, darling.

It wasn’t always natural to me either.

I had a lot of constructs, programs, and patterns that limited and restricted me Being Wealthy & Having Wealth.

I had a lot of power in programs:

Of not deserving.

That I had to achieve to receive.

That if I became wealth I would lose some of those I loved.

That I wasn’t the source and creator of money.

That money had power over me – I asked my bank accounts for permission to have what I desired.

That I have to perform to deserve wealth.

That I could spend more than I could make…and the list goes on.

What I discovered and deepened into was…

I devoted myself to uncovering the true mechanism of creating, being, and having wealth, what money really is, how it all gets created, and…

…understanding the energy of being wealth itself, and the source of it

…that the source of wealth is my consciousness, and how it flows in are just the channels I open and choose.

Then all the other puzzle pieces of how to break free from the rules of the wealth game that had kept me locked into restriction and limitation showed up.

Here’s the real and raw truth, as a grown-ass woman your current and future experience of being wealthy and having wealth is in the hands of…


This is about you.

This has always been about you.

There is no source of money outside of you.

There is no power in money, other than the power you give it.

This is about your energy.

This is about your Being.

This is about opening up to the real YOU.

Your true worth.

Your true feminine power.

Your love. Your beliefs. Your decisions.

Your openness.

Your ability to give yourself permission to have.

Your decision to love having.

You knowing that you are worthy & enough.

You choosing.

You understanding the energy and state of limitless wealth and overflow.

There is no power outside of you, there is no power in wealth & money.

No one and nothing is keeping you from it, holding anything back from you.

You don’t have to be a good girl, you don’t have to prove you are worthy, you don’t have to ask for permission, and you don’t have to perform in a certain way.

You being who you truly are, opening into your natural state of wealth, expanding into love, clearing your limiting constructs and programs, and unlocking your power – was always – and will always be –





You can learn how to create, be, and have wealth on purpose, intentionally, in any amount, appearing to come from any Source…

and then money just becomes natural to you.



You can shift the dynamics around how money works for you. I’ve done it. I do it every day. I live by these principles. My clients have done it.

I live in my power.

I’ve cleared the way and claimed my overflowing supply of wealth as the natural to and for me.

I’ve taught it to thousands of women.


You Being Wealthy and Having the Overflow of Wealth positively and lovingly impacts you and your life, those around you, and the world.



Playing the money game without limits and restrictions. Playing by your own money rules, breaking free, and RULING YOURSELF TO RULE YOUR WEALTH.

If you desire to…

* Be the most powerful wealthy version of you, and HAVE anything you desire: You’ll get clear on the mechanism of creation and your role in it, and how to hold that energy in your field.

* Understand the energy of BEING Wealthy and HAVING Wealth: You’ll get clear on the embodied state of overflow, and how to hold that state of being no matter what is occurring outside of you.

* Open to OVERFLOW being natural to you. Tapping into the flow of money, in the amounts and channels you desire. How to make receiving & having money a fun and pleasurable game.

*  Own your desires. Understand that your desires are guiding you, that what you desire is already yours to create, and how to be in a constant state of having your desires manifesting.

* Dismantle the disallowing of having. Rule yourself to rule your wealth. Rather than believing you have to lean forward and do things to manipulate your manifested field (outside world) with force…allow your natural and powerful ability to receive fill your everyday life.

* Embody the power of you. You are the creator of your world, your outside world is your playground. Who do you desire to be? What do you actually desire to have? What do you desire to play with? What experiences within you and outside of you do you desire to create?


PLUS you’ll also receive a Bonus: Money Mastery Foundational Course (value $1444) Instant Access.

Pre-work to get you primed and into the energy state and alchemy of creating and receiving more money…so you can receive this next level training, and integrate it into your energy field and embodied field.

9 video trainings ranging from 45 minutes to over 120 minutes.

5 playbooks to support and enhance your experience with each module.

*Module 1: Uncovering your money story

*Module 2: Transform your money story

*Module 3: Transform your relationship with money

*Module 4: Creating and receiving more money now

*Module 5: The 5 Pillar Money + Wealth Creation

PLUS: Meditations, Activations, journal prompts, and really fun homeplay.


I’m alexandra lawrence weir

Founder of Sistermind. I’m known as the Entrepreneurial & Wealth Alchemist.

I’m a soulful online business mentor & alchemist to hundreds of thousands of women around the world who follow my work, enroll in my incubators, masterminds, online programs, and work with me privately.

I’m not your normal business mentor.

I don’t follow business norms, rules, or industry expectations.

In the 10 years since I started business mentoring, in the 20 years as an entrepreneur, and as the co-founder and Director of 4 businesses that bridge the gap between the non-profit and for-profit markets I have followed my own rules, trusted my wisdom, and only done what I feel inspired to do.


Awaken To Their Power & Wealth


This is how I’ve built multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses, and so have many of my clients.


I know within my very bones that you have what it takes, because I know that what it takes is simply BEING ALL OF YOU. To wrangle that powerful energy that runs through you.

I know that you can tap into your FEMININE POWER & MAGIC.

I know at this point you have unleashed a fraction of what you are meant to create, be, have and do…you have only unleashed a fraction of your power up until this point.

let’s BE and HAVE all of the damn things together my darling.

What you’ll receive…

* Training 1: The State of Being Wealth.

What wealth feels like, how energy works, and how to create your new reality of wealth.

* Training 2: Clearing constructs and programs of limitation and restriction.

How to identify the constructs and programs that have kept you from your being naturally wealthy and having an overflow of wealth. How to effortlessly clear them by reclaiming your power – never ask money for permission again. What happens when you apply this process and why this process is absolutely everything, the step that you haven’t been taught before that actually collapses limitation and restriction for good.

* Training 3: Fear is just a limited construct.

You are completely and utterly worthy of your desires, actually they are just a natural extension and expression of your power. How to use fear as an opportunity to expand, and how to clear fear, disbelief, doubt, shame, guilt and unworthiness around creating and having more & more wealth.

* Training 4: Clearing the shame & guilt of Debt.

Clearing through forgiveness any shame or guilt around past money mistakes, the shift that eliminates debt, and healing around past negative money decisions and choices.

* Training 5: The energy of having overflowing wealth.

The energetics of continual money increase. What money truly is, and how to have it in any amount you require and desires. Finally knowing and locking in that it’s now increase and increase only.

* Bonus Training 6: Introduction into the mechanism and your true power of limitless wealth & creation.

Discover the actual process of creation, how it happens, what’s you role to play, and why this goes beyond manifestation, and why manifestation isn’t what you need to be focused on.

* Bonus Training 7: A deeper dive into what wealth truly is and how you are the source of it ALL.

What practices to use each time you spend money, so that as you spend, money keeps on increasing and increasing. Why you can’t spend more than you can ever have.

Plus Access to…

5 Meditations

* Most Magical Day Meditation

* Unleashing Your Authentic Self

* Accelerated Manifestation

* I’m so worthy

* Clearing All Patterns Of Limitations & Restrictions

2 additional Playbooks that will quantum leap you into wealth


are you ready?


Sistermind is a world-wide network of women entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, innovators, and change-agents who are devoted—first, to waking up and living from their highest soul’s expression and potential, and second, to applying their souls-work in creating businesses as a sacred revolution with high levels of wealth, impact and purpose for the health and restoration of the world.

After making millions doing my souls-work, and unlocking the powerful & natural Feminine Way of Being & Doing business, impacting hundreds of thousands around the world, I’ve felt called to offer this powerful, potent, and alchemical work to MORE women, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ve open this up to you, and together we are going to AWAKEN to change this world.


I’m Alexandra Lawrence Weir the Founder of Sistermind and known as the Entrepreneurial Alchemist and Queen of Wealth…

and a master at masterminding large impactful business visions, and how to actualize these visions into successful businesses that change the world. I have a profound passion for balancing and blending the spiritual and physical worlds. With a lifetime of deep spiritual practice guiding my approach, I have spent decades helping visionary and luminary women leaders unify their spirituality and savvy business strategies to lead their own sacred business revolutions. My empowering and edgy coaching style draws on my client’s power to actively elevate themselves towards personal and planetary evolution.

– 20 years as an entrepreneur

– 15 years coaching

– 5 startups

– 10 years teaching workshops, and sacred femme business leadership

– CEO, Co-founder and Director of 4 businesses