Elevate Into Overflow


Announcing. Releasing. Opening.

Elevate Into Overflow… Becoming Your Wealthy Woman

Live Stream Event

I’m putting on a livestream event on the topic of Elevating Into Overflow of money…by becoming your wealthy woman

These livestream events are always filled with alchemical teachings, inspiration, transformative power, insight, and a shit load of wisdom.

We rise, we elevate, we laugh, we shift.

I share never before heard stories.

Your questions get answered (so bring them and ask away darling, hold nothing back).

Get READY to experience shifts, energetic transformation, new levels of inner guidance, deeper understanding, revelations, and money miracles.

I don’t know what I’m going to be talking about specifically, the order, because these livestreams are downloads, and I know like always that I will bring it.

You will feel it.

Just being in the energy you will elevate. I can’t wait. I’m so OMFG excited.

I can’t wait to witness what you do with all of this.

I can’t wait to witness who you elevate into and the miracles that respond to you.


Release past fear, shame & guilt round money + more than you know what to do with money. Know your guidance, trust your path, and feel so good about money.

Tap into levels of Overflow. Elevating is always available and understanding the energy, frequency and delicious consequences of creating, receiving, spending, appreciating, living, and expanding at your next financial and money level.

Understand more about how money works and what money actually is. Do you ever dissolve debt and then debt goes back up? Do you create + receive more money and then new expenses are created? Do you feel restriction no matter how much money you receive? Let’s clear this up, because I know why.

Link up and Lock in specific energy, rules, and truths with money. Dissolve the stories that have been limiting and restricting you. Decide who you are meant to be. Decide what you get to create and receive. Decide the rules that make up your money game.

Open up and tap into the energy of receiving. Expand in your powerful wisdom and ability to receive. Rather than thinking you have to lean forward and do things, and manipulate your manifested field (outside world). Allow ease, play, fun and knowing (beyond trust) to fill up your daily experience.

Embody the truth of who you are…become your version of the wealth woman. She lives within you. She is the TRUE YOU. She is your TRUTH. She is tapped in and aligned with her heart, soul and desires. She is the creator of your world, your outside world is just your manifested field that you get to create in and play with. She has things to tell you, she has a voice for you to hear. It’s time to hear her.

And it’s about time that you LIVE THIS FULLY?



Elevating into Overflow…becoming your wealth woman livestream event is starting soon, darling.

I’ll send you an email with all the deets and times for the free livestream event…PLUS a alchemical free gift from me.

I’ll see you soon ♥

Love. Love. Love



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